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Work assignment
With us, you get the opportunity to work with several different animal species, where no day is like the other. Employment at most of our clinics include both work in-house at the companion animal clinic as well as work in the field with home visits to barns and stables where we provide care to farm animals and horses. Therefore driving is an integral part of the job which you need to be comfortable with.

When you work with us, we guarantee you never will get bored our job is stimulating and varied. Due to our around-the-clock vet service, we are prepared to work during nights and weekends to provide emergency care. On call-scheduling is therefore included in your job description. Our goal is to create an enjoyable workplace where stable and sustainable work conditions enables everyone to excel.


To be allowed to work in Sweden you must have a veterinary education of minimum five years. The education must be at a college or university level that gives the right to practice the veterinary profession in the country where your education was completed.

You also need to have permit from the Swedish Board of Agriculture to work as a veterinarian. There is a possibility to apply for a temporary provision of veterinary services and a license with the exception of the langauge requirement while you are learning the Swedish language.

We are open to hire newly graduated veterinarians as well as veterinarians with previous work experience.

To be suitable for a position at Distriktsveterinärerna you need to be fluent in English, at B-level, and have a strong ambition to learn Swedish since a thorough knowledge of the Swedish language, both orally and in writing, is required. In addition, an approved driving license for Sweden is required.

We are looking for someone who works well in a team setting as well as independently. We value loyalty, service-mindedness and good judgment. As a veterinarian, you actively participate in the development and improvement of the team as well as your own work. We are looking for someone who enjoys working in an organization with quick changes, where we adapt quickly and help each other handle the various situations that arise in our clinical day-to-day work. At Distriktsveterinärerna you will be a very important and valued employee, and together with your colleagues you will be an essential part of fullfilling our unique assignment to provide veterinary health care, around the clock all year round!

We offer an introductory period when you start work with us to make sure that you will get all information needed. We will do our best to help you in your process of getting established in Sweden.


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Om Jordbruksverket

About Distriktsveterinärerna in Sweden
Distriktsveterinärerna is the veterinary instance that ensures animal wellfare in Sweden. Distriktsveterinärerna is a part of the Swedish Board of Agriculture, and are roughly translated to Veterinarians at the District.

We have an around-the-clock service to clients all over the country. We have an unique knowledge of animal health and we are contributing to animal health and safety. We work toward individuals, companies, authorities and we offer services for acute and preventive veterinary care and disease control. We stand up for ethical veterinary care and we are committed to do the little extra for the customer as well as for our colleagues. We are proud to make a difference and create value in every meeting with a customer. With the animals and their owners in focus, we work together to improve ourselves and our way of working. Always with our feet on the ground and our hearts in the right place.

Distriktsveterinärerna are located in about 70 locations in Sweden. About 700 licensed veterinarians, registered veterinary nurses, and animal caretakers are working here. Our veterinarians are general practitioners but several of them also have specialist competence. Our organization gives you the opportunity to work with several different animal species, access to competent colleagues and a varied and interesting job.


  • Sista ansökningsdag: 2024-11-03
  • Arbetsgivarens referensnummer: 7.1.6-094668/2024

Essential information
We care about our employees and offer a variety of benefits. Some examples of these are 28-35 payed vacation days, a wellness grant, salary exchange and occupational health care.
We aim to provide you with a good balance between working life and family life. Among other things we offer a parental allowance supplement that provides 90% of your salary when you are on parental leave. You are also given the option to work part-time until your child is twelve years old.

Distriktsveterinärerna do not wish to be contacted by advertising or recruitment companies in this recruitment process.

Distriktsveterinärerna are using an electronic based recruiting process through Offentliga jobb. Thanks for applying through this service.